Sunday, March 1, 2015

Icy Days

The latest snow storm ended up being more of a slush storm than anything. Snow and freezing rain combined to form over an inch of slush all over the region. Then, the temperature dropped dramatically (again) which froze the slush into hard ice with footprint holes in it. It has been treacherous. It has been difficult to get out birding. Roxy and I tried to go to Lorimer Park the other day to check on the owls. As you can see, she was miserable:

Roxy at Lorimer

I was slightly less miserable due to a purchase that I made 15 years ago - ice cleats. You can see the frozen footprint holes in this photo too.

We are relegated to birding from the kitchen window.  The only interesting bird at the feeders this winter has been a Robin that is eating the seeds which is odd. He also chases away other birds if they get too close to "his" seeds. The woodpeckers are loving the peanuts. And the Blue Jays are totally gone. I can't imagine where they are.

View from the kitchen window
You can see a fresh coating of snow. It is snowing again as I speak. Sigh.

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