Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quick Camera Update

Thanks to everyone for your comments on my latest camera/lens dilemma.  Here is an update - I took the lens back to NY Camera and Video.  The owner sent one of his staff outside with me to shoot some test photos:

  • My Canon 40D with my Sigma 150-500mm OS lens = out of focus images at all OS settings 0,1,2.  Better with manual focus than with autofocus
  • My Canon 40D with another Sigma lens = slightly better images but still not acceptable at all settings.
  • Canon D7 with my Sigma lens = better images, but still not sharp at all settings
  • My Canon 40D with Canon 100-400mm lens = sharp images at all settings

I returned the Sigma and purchased the Canon which was my intent all along.  The only reason I purchased the Sigma was because 3 sales people at NYCV told me that the Sigma would be sharper.  Not true.  The good news is that NYCV stood by the sale, gave me good customer service and also gave me the original discount of $75 because I had rented the Canon 100-400mm last month.

I'll post photos this weekend.  We are off to Cape May for fall warblers and hawks.  Wish us luck.
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