Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few More Photos and Weekend Prediction

I wanted to share a few more photos with you from last weekend and share the CMBO weekend prediction.  CMBO is predicting good weekend birding due to the miserable weather that has hung around all week which is keeping birds stationary up north.  The weekend weather and winds are forecasted to be favorable for flights of hawks and songbirds.  Check out their blog:  View from the Cape for more updates.

Here are the photos of birds in flight from last weekend using the new lens.  Remember, the new lens is only 400mm so I have to crop the photos to get them to look like birds:

 Kestral carrying a dragonfly that is swooped down and plucked from the top of a phragmite

Osprey soaring right over us with Sharpie soaring higher (bottom edge of photo)

Peregrine Falcon with full crop (just ate something)

I couldn't resist photographing these swans flying in formation.  You should have heard their wings whistling

Click on any image to enlarge.  More soon.

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