Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Halloween and I'm Scared

I'm scared.  I haven't had any new birds for the stupid contest in over 2 weeks. I still need Northern Goshawk. All I have been doing is chasing birds that might turn into something rare but they never seem to.  I drove all the way to the shore to see a hummingbird that turned out to be a species that I already have. Then Patty and I hustled down to Delaware to see a Godwit that was reported to be a rarity but turned out to be a runt Marbled Godwit which we have plenty of. 

And, I am going to the west coast for a week.  Normally that would make me really happy but what if a good bird shows up here and I'm out there?  Ugh.  I'll really be crying Boo (hoo hoo). The good news for you is that I will be posting something different next week instead of stupid contest updates. 

Carve What You Know . . .
I really am looking forward to our west coast trip. We are already booked on a boat trip out of LA to see some pretty cool birds. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Love this picture. Not only are you photogenic, but that is one fine carving job! Is Amy feeding the cat while you are in CA? Enjoy your trip. HH