Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Not Just Birds You Know

I haven't been posting as much as usual but that doesn't mean that I'm not out birding almost every day in every way.  When you are out in the fields and woods and marshes and beaches as much as I am, you see more than just birds. 

Take last week for instance.  I saw more snakes than I really want to.  The first one showed up in our yard and then showed up again on the porch! Here he is in the mop bucket on his way back outside. It turns out to be a Pine Snake which is pretty rare and not poisonous (which I didn't find out until after I picked it up).

Pine Snake (baby)
Here is another tiny snake that I ran into last week. This one is a Brown Snake. He was having trouble crossing the paved path at Pennypack park so I gave him a helping hand, well finger.  I had to help 3 more across the path that same day.
Brown Snake (baby)
I also saw a Mink this week at Turkey Point.  I wasn't fast enough to get a photo but suffice it to say they look better alive than on an old lady's shoulders.

My friend Harvey was brave enough to pick up this Fiddler Crab for a photo. Check out that claw!

Fiddler Crab
Wild animals aren't they only beasts that we encounter on our outings.  Here are some adorable farm animals that we made friends with last weekend.  Come on! How cute is this guy?  It's a baby Alpaca that's wearing a little orange safety vest. When do you ever see anything that cute?

Here is Roxy meeting a new friend.  They really hit it off. I wonder if it's because the pig smells like bacon? 

Roxy and Pot-bellied Pig
It was old home day for Roxy when she saw a Goat. Roxy spent time with goats before we adopted her.

Roxy and her Homie
I'm starting to think I should call this post - Roxy and Friends.  Here she is after we went blazing a trail through a wet field in search of Lincoln's Sparrow - which we did finally see.

Wet Dog
 I'll leave you with this photo of 2 tired dogs driving home from yet another day of birding.

Sammy and Roxy - Tired Dogs

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Anonymous said...

Loved the dogs...the snakes? Not so much. Please stick to birds, cats, dogs and cuddly stuff. HH