Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This is a message that I sent out to the PA Birders List Serve today:

PA Birders - I birded at a new location this morning along Southampton Rd near the old Byberry State Hospital.  I met Marty there which was really good since he knew where to go. The habitat is perfect for Connecticut and Mourning warblers, sparrows and other edge species.  We heard a chip note that I have not heard before which was deeper and richer than Common Yellowthroat.  Marty pretty much knew what it was, and then viola - a Connecticut popped into a low tree branch.  Awesome.  But wait, there was another chip note and tada - a second Connecticut warbler popped into the same tree. 2, count them, 2 CONWs in the same tree at the same time.  I never thought it possible and I'm glad that Marty was with me to witness it.

Oh, did I mention the photos? Yup.  I have photos of both birds (separately, not together).   

Connecticut Warbler #1

Connecticut Warbler #2


Anonymous said...

Who is Marty and why were you not at work? Can't believe the two biggest brains (you and TH) could be off on the same day. HH

Linda said...

I was late for work, not absent. don't worry, we can't leave the job unattended.

Mary @ Fit and Fed said...

Two in one tree, such luck! Despite birding Point Pelee as a teen (and more recently, scouring a hedgerow in California where one had been seen) I have never yet seen a Connecticut warbler.