Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This is a message that I sent out to the PA Birders List Serve today:

PA Birders - I birded at a new location this morning along Southampton Rd near the old Byberry State Hospital.  I met Marty there which was really good since he knew where to go. The habitat is perfect for Connecticut and Mourning warblers, sparrows and other edge species.  We heard a chip note that I have not heard before which was deeper and richer than Common Yellowthroat.  Marty pretty much knew what it was, and then viola - a Connecticut popped into a low tree branch.  Awesome.  But wait, there was another chip note and tada - a second Connecticut warbler popped into the same tree. 2, count them, 2 CONWs in the same tree at the same time.  I never thought it possible and I'm glad that Marty was with me to witness it.

Oh, did I mention the photos? Yup.  I have photos of both birds (separately, not together).   

Connecticut Warbler #1

Connecticut Warbler #2

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