Monday, September 24, 2012

Yellow-throated Warbler

Hi there! Just a quick post today.  Nothing much happened this weekend except that we got very close looks at a Yellow-throated warbler at Cape May Point State Park on Sunday.  We were so close to the bird that is almost hit my camera lens as it flew past us.  We also had an opportunity to point it out to other birders, some of whom had never seen one before. 

Yellow-throated warblers are pretty common breeders in the woods north for Cape May, but very rare in Cape May Point.  They are also rarely seen in fall. We didn't know that, so we didn't make a big deal about the sighting until we were in the parking lot and were accosted by our birder friends Chris and Gerry about the exact location of the bird.  Gerry will have better photos than this (click here to see his gallery), but here are mine:

 Yellow-throated warbler - you can see where it gets the name

 Another shot of that yellow throat

Here is our friend ready to make a meal of an ant

The Yellow-throated warbler was hanging around with a few Pine warblers:

 Pine Warbler

Pine Warbler

Both of these species like pine trees, but I have rarely seen them this close before. They are usually way at the top of the trees, but not yesterday.  It might have been due to the strong wind that blew all day.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Connie would love this kitten. Cross
my palm with a pound of fifties and we won't tell her.


Linda said...

I'll be over with the money shortly

Diane Widdop said...

This little cutie of a bird almost landed on my hat. Lucky he didn't, or I would have taken him and put him in my pocket. What a great find, in the little corner of the trail. Great photos, Lin.