Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catch Up - Before I'm Old

Sorry for the gap in posts.  I've been busy at work and also took my first backpacking trip of my life last weekend which kept me away from the computer. Here is a quick catch up.  First, some other photos from our trip to Maine because I would feel bad if I didn't post them.

 First up - Common Eiders which are one of the largest ducks. You are all very familiar with these ducks if you own a down comforter since they use these feathers in alot of those products. Don't worry, they don't kill the ducks (most of the time). We see these ducks off of the Barnegat Light jetty in winter but they are usually pretty far out in the water.  Here they are on their home turf. The first photo shows a female sitting on seaweed. She blends in pretty well.

Female Common Eider
 I did a pretty good job of capturing birds in flight on this trip - including both female and male.

Female Common Eider

Male Common Eider
 Here is a group of males sitting on the rocks. They are probably trying to get out of nest work.

Male Common Eiders
The coolest bird of the trip for me was Arctic Tern.  They look alot like every other mid-sized tern. Most people wouldn't give them a second look. But I know that they are only found up north and I'm glad that we had some experts on the boat that could point out the field marks for me. The first photo shows Arctic Tern. The second photo shows Common Tern.  Can you tell the difference?

Arctic Tern

Common Tern
I'll post a story about our backpacking trip later this week. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I could tell the was flying to my right and the other was flying to my left!

Happy Birthday.