Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Day/Great Day

Bird nerd here, to report that is was truly a big day/great day, especially for me. I love warblers, and we had 23 species of warblers yesterday, the highlight being male Cape May warbler at Belleplain. Beautiful bird. I think what stood out for me this year was how far we have all come as far as birding by ear. Linda was always pretty good, but now the rest of us can contribute. There's nothing like rushing around trying to get as many birds as possible, and being able to roll down the window while driving down the road, and go "pine warbler, yellow throated warbler, worm eating, blackpoll.....", what a difference. I can't wait for next year, our captain is expecting 164 species. and I think we can do it. Lori

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Linda said...

"Expecting" isn't what I said. I think I said "Goal". We definitely need to break 150 now get back to studying those flight calls.