Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WSB Scouting So Far -

 - Sucks!  The Nerds + 1 hit Cape May county this past weekend to scout for the World Series of Birding.  Judging from the photo below, how do you think we did?

Do you see any birds?  Sun?  Warm weather?  Southerly winds that would bring birds up to NJ?  No you don't.  Let's dissect this photo.  You see (barely) me and Barbara.  We both have jackets on.  We are obviously struggling to move toward the camera.  Sand is blowing in streams around our legs.  Even though we are a few yards from the ocean, you can't see it due to the fog.  This is Stone Harbor beach where we should have seen thousands of shorebirds and a Peregrine Falcon.  We saw exactly 6 Oystercatchers and a few Herring Gulls.  That's it.  We walked a mile down and a mile back.

Poor Patty.  She was our + 1 this weekend.  She is on another team this year but we dragged her along scouting with us as a nice gesture since her other teammates were out of town on business and couldn't scout.  Well, I guess her team will be out done by the 8th graders too unless her teammates come through with some better scouting than the BirdNerds.

We will be scouting again on Wed (supposed to pour rain all day), Thurs (rain part of the day and windy), and Fri ( still windy).  Wish us luck.

By the way, this does not get you out of pledging to support NJ Audubon.  It just means that we probably won't win again. 

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Diane Widdop said...

Hopefully we'll do better than the other kind of "flyers". We just have to remember that if it's lousy weather for us, it's lousy for everyone else too. Here's to some good luck coming our way. (love the dreary photo, if I do say so myself...)