Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Linda is always right

This morning I went out into the backyard at 6:40am to let our new family member out. Everette is our new rescue dog, and he has been such a sweetheart. Anyway, I've been saying to Tara that this spring we haven't had any cool migrants come into the yard, no rose-breasted grosbeaks, no towhees, no warblers. But today, I heard the calls. One call I have been hearing a lot every day is the tink tink tink tink of the blackpoll warbler. I was certain, then kept doubting myself, "no blackpoll would be right here." I guess I think of them as a bit exotic because they breed way, way up north in the tundra, so why would they keep hanging out in Ivyland? I told Linda what I was hearing, and I said, "we don't have blackpolls in our backyard," and she said, "sure you do." So today, the tink tink tink tink was back, along with another squeeky squeeky squeeky. I run back inside and get the binocs, way up high in one of the oaks is a redstart. score! Time to take Ev for a walk, so I put the binocs on and we go out front to find that blackpoll. score! found him finally. So yes, Linda was right, we do have blackpolls right in our yard. Trillllllll squeek! Northern Parula out there. Back to the oak, short call, no, really? Magnolia warbler! Fantastic morning in Ivyland. Knowing what you're hearing is so helpful, I recommend listening to the warbler calls, because during spring migration, they are there in your trees, (especially big oaks) on certain mornings, and they're singing and letting you know they're there. Happy birding. Lori

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Linda said...

awesome! All of the birds must be in Ivyland 'cause they aren't in Rydal.