Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have never seen so many Red-breasted Nuthatches as this week. They are everywhere!  The experts counted 213 of the little buggers flying past Higbee in one morning.  We had 4 of them in our yard on the big Tulip tree on Sunday.  Here is a good photo of one showing what it does best - which is picking under tree bark for bugs. Look at the color of his breast.  Connie wants a blouse in that color.

 Red-breasted Nuthatch

Another little cutie showed up on the same tree while I was trying to get a shot of the nuthatch.  A Black and White Warbler.  This photo is enough to make your eyes cross. I can't look at it for too long without feeling like a seizure is coming on. It wouldn't be so bad if he would pose in the same direction as the bark. Cute little bird though.

Black and White Warbler

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Diane Widdop said...

Cute little buggers, indeed!