Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ridin' Out the Storm Arizona Style

Well, I hope you are all OK after Sandy passed through. We have no idea if our house is OK or not. All that I can tell you is that Tim tried to check on it but the street is blocked off due to downed wires.  Oh brother.  Meanwhile, Connie and I haven't seen a cloud in a week. Here are some photos that are not being shown on the weather channel.  We headed north of Phoenix to Sedona on Saturday.  We stopped at Montezuma's Castle which is a cliff dwelling.

 Montezuma's Castle

Then we stopped at the Red Rocks visitor center.  This photo shows Bell Rock which is pretty awesome.

 Bell's Rock
Another view.  Fantastic!

I know this is a bird blog, so here is a bird - Bridled Titmmouse.  It's like our titmouse, but cooler.

Bridled Titmouse

Oh, did I tell you about the "vortexes"?  Sedona is famous for these freaky vortexes. Don't ask me anything about them but I can tell you that there are alot of crystals being sold at every shop in town too.  Anyway, Connie got a Vortex Map which showed a strong vortex up by the airport.  Here she is trying to get the vortex.  By the way, she didn't feel anything. . .

Here is a very common bird in the southwest - the Verdin.  Pretty cool looking bird that isn't afraid to be near humans. We saw this bird all over Arizona. 


I will post more tomorrow. It is really hard to process the photos and post on the go.

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